Technology Integration

Transforming products and services by integrating AI capabilities.

We design and develop scalable AI architecture, deploy AI models in the cloud, and provide easy AI technology integration options for your products and services.

artificial intelligence scalable architecture design

Scalable Architecture Design

Serving AI and machine learning models on the cloud requires design of a robust system architecture that can handle dynamic workload. Transconomy's seasoned AI professionals design AI backend architectures that are not only scalable but also secure through various encryptions. Transconomy provides streamlined architecture design services to help you push your AI models into production on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

ai model deployment on cloud

AI Model Deployment on Cloud

Deploying AI models on the cloud requires packaging the models into invokable services that your product or service can interact with. We offer strong expertise in deploying neural networks and machine learning models on AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP. For deep learning models, we provide cloud hosting services for you to upload large amounts of images and videos for inference. Based on the requirement and type of AI models to be deployed, we package the models into Flask and Docker applications.

rest apis for machine learning


The goal of any AI model is to provide you with the capability of invoking the model for inference on a set of data. Transconomy's AI experts understand the exact requirements of your system, develop REST APIs for interaction, and deploy them on the cloud. We also provide complete API documentation on Swagger UI or any other API documentation tool of your choice.


How It Works

Transconomy provides an efficient process to understand your AI infrastructure needs and deliver scalable and robust cloud services for your business.

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Our strategic consultation sessions provide you with a goal-oriented model to document all your AI infrastructure requirements.

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Based on the gathered requirements, we plan and design scalable and robust AI architectures to handle the expected workload.

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Once the system is designed and tested with POCs, we conduct a full-scale backend implementation with complete testing, and documentation.

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Delivering the architecture isn’t the end of the journey. We’ll continue to work with you and make updates and changes as and when required.

Let us help you integrate AI capabilities into your services.